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img_3642.jpgEveryone is always on the lookout for the solution to having the perfect body. Here at Zoolies we offer many vitamin supplements for body building. With body building, it is important to focus on proper nutrition, exercise, and of course vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. The problem most people find is that there are so many different types of vitamin supplements on the market and you may not be very informed on what you are taking. That's why we provided a list of the best vitamin supplements to take while body building. Below is a list of vitamins we sell here in the store.

Multivitamins Fish Oil Flax Seed Oil
Omegas Joint Support Green Foods
Vitamins A - Z Antioxidants Herbs


Aloe Vera is quite an incredible plant. Aloe Vera is high in vitamins and minerals. It can help you in so many ways. It;s known for helping boost immune systems and health. Another good way to get your Aloe supplement is through juicing it raw. Aloe produces two supplements, gel, and latex, which are both used in medicine. Aloe or also known as Aloe Vera is such an important supplement. Some people take Aloe medications which can be taken orally or applied to your skin. Some examples of how aloe medication is used for is a laxative, bowel diseases such as Ulcerative colitis, having a fever or breaking out in a rash that causes itching and inflammation to your skin, and psoriasis it can also be used for diabetes, stomach ulcers, and asthma. Because aloe produces two supplements it is used for many more treatments. Below is a list of how Aloe Vera can help you.

High in Amino Acids and Fatty Acids High in Vitamins and Minerals Adaptogen (helps boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness)
Digestion Detoxification Cardiovascular Health
Immune System Alkalizes the Body (Helps to balance overly acidic dietary habits) Great for the Skin
Reduce Inflammation    


Herbal supplements have so many benefits. Herbal supplements are the most commonly used type of alternative medicine. Plants have been used as an alternative medicine for years. There are so many different types of herbs to choose from. Here at Zoolies we can help you decide which Herb will suit best for what you are needing. We have Whole herbs that are from the ground along with the roots, Standardized herbal extract which can provide all the benefits of the whole herb without plant fiber. Using a standardized amount of extract is proven potency for maximum benefits to you. Along with Herbal extract which is herbs that are in a concentrated form but does not have plant fiber.


Here at Zoolies we have a variety of supplements for helping diabetic patients. Our Vitamins and Supplements is a natural way to help treat diabetes. these supplements are meant to be a healing diet, not to replace your diet. People with diabetes have unique recommended daily allowances for specific nutrients that can boost their body's healing process. Here are a few supplements and vitamins Zoolies has provided below to help you with coping with diabetes or even help you heal diabetes.

Omega-3 fish oil Coenzyme Q-10 Alpha-lipoic acid
Magnesium citrate Chromium picolinate Herbal Supplements (cinnamon)

Weight Loss

Did you know you can lose weight without starving yourself? Yes, it's true, just by adding a few changes to your diet and adding these supplements that help burn fat, not store fat. It can be questionable and scary when you are wanting to try a weight loss pill, that's why our great team here at Zoolies has gathered up a few beneficial, safe, and natural ways of losing weight. Do keep in mind that theses are supplements to help heal your diet, they are not used to replace it.

Fucoxanthin White Bean Extract Green Tea
Glucomannan Chitosan Conjugated linoleic acid
Vitamin D Resveratrol Capsaicin


We have a wide variety of diet food, supplements, and vitamins to help with all your weight control needs.

Health & Beauty Aids


Beta Glucan

Check out our new amazing supplement that's new in the store Beta Glucan

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